So, You ARE Serious!

OK! Here's More Detail of What You Will Get.

In Addition to the 3-Day Intensive - A $2997 Value...

You Get...

A FREE copy of "Git 'er Done NOW! - how to get your book written and published in 100 days (or less!)" - That's a $27 Value!

1 Year FREE Access to the Live Steam Video Copy of the Intensive - (Normally $997)

Lifetime Access to the Private "Git 'er Done NOW!" Facebook Group (for Accountability and Support- Value PRICELESS!)

Four One-on-One 30 Minute Coaching Calls with Cevin - (Value $597)

Periodic Followup and Accountability Reminder Emails/Newsletters for 100 Days - (A $99 Value)


Other "Goodies" and "Surprises" During the Intensive - Live "In Person Participants ONLY - Value ???


A 100 Day Gathering and Awards Ceremony Plus Live Coaching - (Live "In Person" Participants ONLY - Value $997)

That's Over $5700 in Value!

I paid over Twice that much for the Coaching and Training to Learn what I am Sharing with You...

If You've been shopping around You know You can easily pay $15,000 - $25,000 or More for this Intensive Coaching and Training - I know because I did!

Normally this 3-day Intensive is an investment of $2997 (for over $5700 worth of stuff? - what a deal!)


All this is available at a Special Discounted Price of ONLY $2997 $2497 Today for the first 10 Participants - (Live "In Person" Event size is limited to 10 to insure Everyone gets Lots of Personal Attention!)

(We have also negotiated a Special Reduced Room Rate at the Hampton Inn & Suites for this Event if You will be staying there.)

If you will not be able to be at the Intensive in Utah don't despair, we have an option for you as well...

This Intensive will be available on Live Streaming during the actual event - and, since you will not be there in person, the investment is less.

The amount to attend Live Streaming is usually $1997...


For this Intensive Event that is discounted to ONLY $1997 $1497!

This Discounted Price includes...

The FREE Book...

The FREE Access to the Live Stream Video Recording...

Inclusion in the Facebook Group...

The One-on-One Coaching Calls...


The Followup Emails/Newsletters.


Are You REALLY Serious?

Are You TIRED of Messing Around?

Do You Want the RESULTS You've Talked about and Dreamed about?

Do You Want it Now - TODAY?

If So THEN...

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Did I mention our "No Risk" Guarantee?

If you attend the "Git 'er Done NOW!" Intensive, follow all the recommended steps, document all you did, and are not published in 100 days we will refund your money.

Why am I willing to do this?

Because I have seen this process work time after time and I KNOW it works! I guarantee if you follow the pattern it will work for you too.

So are You REALLY Serious? Then Click The Button NOW!


(Now's Your Chance! Today's the Day!)

"Git 'er Done NOW!" Book Intensive

Upcoming Events


Dates: March 9 - 11, 2017

Location: Hampton Inn & Suites

3923 W Center Park Dr

West Jordan, UT 84084

This course has very limited Seating so Register NOW to Reserve Your Spot


Client Testimonials

"I have been "thinking about" writing a book for years.  Within a few visits with Cevin over the last 3 weeks I have made more progress than in any given year!   I now have a clear path and know "what I didn't know" that kept holding me back.  His step by step process and order of things was very different than I expected but makes so much sense. 

No wonder I wasn't getting anywhere!  

Writing a book is so much more than writing, and Cevin has taken me from an aspiring author to an aspiring "PUBLISHED, #1 BEST SELLER" Author.   I can't wait to see what I can achieve with my book with Cevin's direction and coaching." 

- Clay Neves, President, Personal Sales Dynamics | Training | Coaching | Consultant | Soon to be Author of "Selling the Change"

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